Final WinAVR 20070525 Released

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Finaly WinAVR has a new stabile buil. As mentioned in RC2 they have changed several things in new build:

  • Simplified installer no more un-installation of previous version, so you need to un-instal older version before installing new one;

  • Registry keys are tied to WinAVR version, what will allow to have multiple instances of WinAVR's on same machine;

  • Newer GCC 4.1.2 included;

  • New version of avr-libc1.4.6 with many bug-fixes;

  • New version of GDB/Insight 6.5 with expanded manual. GDB is no more tied to Cygwin – it is native WIN32 executable;

  • support foe newer devices added (AT90USB82, AT90USB162, Atmega325P, Atmega3250P, Atmega329P, Atmega3290P, AT90PWM1, Atmega16HVA, ATmega8HVA );

  • LibUSB-Win32 drivers included to work with Atmel JTAG ICE mkII and AVRISP mkII;

  • New version of Srecord 1.31;

  • New version of Programmers Notepad;

  • Newer MFile with updated template.

This release is AVRStudio ver 4.13 compatible and also known tobe working with Windows Vista.

Download WinAVR release candidate from here: