New WinAVR20070122 has been released

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This is quite long waited release for those who are working with ATmega2560, and ATmega2561

devices. WinAVR20070122 major changes are:

  • GCC compiler jumped to 4.1.1 version;

  • Added devices ATmega2560, and Atmega2561;

  • DWARF2 debugging information moved from 16 to 32 bit addresses. Now debugging is possible with bigger than 64k codes for Atmega128, Atmega1281 and new devices ATmega2560, and Atmega256. Good news for AVR Studio users. AVRStudio V4.13 is now available as a Beta at that supports 32bit debugging;

  • Package also includes new AVR-Libc with new examples and many bugs fixed;

  • New AVRDude 5.3.1;

  • New AVRICE with AVR JTAG ICE mkII support;

  • New Binutils and Srecord;

  • And of course updated Makefile template and Mfile as well.

Upgrade and code more efficiently.