Run WinAVR from USB media


This is good news for those who more than one working places. It is not convenient to install separate WinAVR development toolsets in separate computers and care about them. There is a solution. Now you can run your WinAVR suite directly from USB memory stick or other portable media without prior installation. You can download it from here Portable WinAVR its Free.

Whats included in package:

  • Ready-to-run USB memory stick with preloaded Portable WinAVR and sample projects

  • Full ZIP archive with Portable WinAVR distribution (including WinAVR, supplementary files and samples projects)

  • Reduced ZIP archive with only Portable WinAVR supplementary files (requires you to copy an existing WinAVR distribution to your target drive/directory)

  • optional: ZIP archive with sample projects

Quick start guide of portable WinAVR is available here: PortableWinAVR-QuickStartGuide.html

Go WinAVR everywhere!!!