WINAVR20071221 have been released

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This is really good news before Christmass. Brand new WinAVR release is ready for download. It has many updates, bug fixes and changes, that should make life easier for AVR programmers. What's new in WinAVR20071221:

  • Support of new AVR devices:














  • Newest Binutils 2.18;

  • Newest GCC compiler ver 4.2.2;

  • New release of avr-libc 1.6.0;

  • New API added for setting lockbits and fuse bits. This functionality allows to store fuse and lock bits in special sections of ELF file which can be read and programmed to AVR during main program download. Once fuses are set and compiled to ELF file – no additional fuse settings are needed. This is really cool functionality especially for end users, who are likely to mess up with fuse settings.

  • It has updated floating point library which now is smaller and faster;

  • Section of interrupts is also updated with ability to declare ISR with interrupt initially enabled. It also includes simplified “naked” interrupts and ISR aliases. The older ISR_ALIAS() macro has been deprecated in favour of the ISR_ALIASOF() attribute to the rewritten ISR() macro.

  • New <util/setbaud.h> file introduced that helps to add baud rate preprocessor. This is really needed function in WinAVR file set. This utility checks for baud rate tolerance (2% by default). There is also automatic suggestion of using U2X bit when necessary to achieve baud tolerance.

  • New <util/atomic.h> file, that offers a nice wrapper to make certain brace-blocks in an application atomic with respect to being not interrupted.

  • Newest AVRDude 5.5 included;

  • Newest GDB/Insight 6.6;

  • Newest version of AvaRICE 2.7;

  • Newest Srecord 1.37;

  • Examples are moved to different location (<install>\doc\avr-libc\examples);

  • GCC Ada compiler for AVR introduced;

  • AVR-Ada 0.5.2 Run Time System for Ada compiler;

  • And GCC Objective-C for AVR included.

I would say – quite some changes. Seems like we will have to learn use WinAVR little bit differently like we used to. New release can be found in regular place: WinAVR20071221.