General Information On AVR microcontrollers


AVR is quite new product in microcontroller world. But they are spreading in light speed. From 1996 things really changed. Many of microcontrollers become obsolete like AT90 “classic” type. They reached end of line. They were substituted by other more advanced series. In 1999 AVR microcontrollers split in to three types: “tiny”, “classic” and “mega”. Now seems to be that “classic” type is disappearing – they are weather obsolete or reached EOL (end of line). They were changed by more powerful “tiny” or “mega” series like AT90S2313 were substituted by compatible Attiny2313.

Also there is growing bunch of specialized AVR microcontrollers like Automotive, CAN AVR, LCD AVR, Lighting AVR, USB AVR. Those are same AVR's but have additional peripherals like USB port or CAN support. These little things make easier to develop complex systems.

AVR microcontrollers can be used in many industries like “tiny” series have approved its positions in automotive industry, toys, motherboards of PC, cellular phone security, remote controls.

Mega AVR successfully used in analog and digital telephony, printers, faxes, modern HDD and CD-ROM's. Hobbyists successfully uses any kind of AVR in amateur and professional robotics...