Intro to ATMEL AVR


ATMEL Atmega16

ATMEL corporation is well known in the world wide of electronic component markets. ATMEL is one of leaders in producing modern electronic components like low energy, non-volatile, high speed memories, general purpose microcontrollers and microcontrollers with programmable logic.

This site will go through 8 bit general purpose RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computers) microcontrollers so called AVR. Serial producing of AVR microcontrollers begun in 1996.

AVR are microcontrollers which are the most interesting part of ATMEL production line. They are powerful tool in proper hands. AVR microcontrollers are very cheap comparing to their potential. Probably AVR microcontrollers have the best ratio of price and capabilities comparing to other 8 bit microcontrollers. Because of AVR microcontrollers unique properties sales are growing with geometrical progression. Variety of industries and support indicates that AVR becomes industrial standard of 8 bit microcontrollers.

Today you can find three types of ATMEL AVR microcontrollers: AVR- “tiny”, “classic” and “mega”. About different types of AVR microcontrollers continue to following articles.