Why AVR Microcontroller?


AVR microcontroller are 8-bit on chip system with RICS (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) command system. The most of commands are performed in one clock cycle.

In AVR microcontroller reading next command is done during execution of previous command. So the overal number of commands in 1second is almos equal to working frequency.

AVR microcontrollers are manufactured using high quality CMOS technology, contains EEPROM memory inside the chip and differs from other microcontrollers that they require less power in higher frequencies.

Firmware and data can be uploaded directly on board using ISP programming capability.

Going further it is necessary to mention that AVR microcontroller have 32 general purpose registers. PIC's have one general purpose register so called accumulator. And comparing to similar PIC microcontrollers AVR's have more advanced architecture that allows to run one instruction per clock cycle while PIC microcontrollers run one instruction in 4 clock cycles. This doenst apply to more advanced PIC's.

As someone said: “If you want to make LED flasher – any microcontroller wil do je job, but if you want the best results in extreme situations – choose AVR”.