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Infographic on making great videos

Video is most effective way to reach your audience. People are lazy to read long texts and memorize the information you want to tell. Images can help, but videos are still at the top. Playing video allows you to relax, but in other hand makes strong effect to the brain. So if you want to tell something – use video.

Using Eclipse as IDE for WinAVR compiler

WinAVR comes with Programmers Notepad UI by default. It is very powerful editor, but if you want more robust UI with better project management abilities you can try Java based Eclipse IDE. It is universal open source IDE which supports almost any compiler by using plugins. Eclipse has some nice features that makes it attractive, like Subversion integration, code completion in editor.

Thomas Holland has been working on AVR plugin for Eclipse which allows to use Eclipse features with AVR-GCC compiler. The newest release has nice set of features and updates like: automatic makefile generation, MCU type and clock frequency can be selected during project creation, project can be compiled for debug only or as complete release with flashable hex files, tool-chain has integrated assembler, nice viewer showing information about processor used where you can find all registers, ports, interrupts in one convenient place for quick pick-up.

Avrwiz-New C code generator for WinAVR

Some good news for those who are tired of writing same program parts every time. Most time consumption is during initial code writing. The guy named tcg in avrfreaks have decided to write code generating tool which could robust most common tasks.

Current version of program is v0.009 (early beta stage of program) but it already support baud calculator, timer calculator, multitasking generator, interrupts, ports and more. But there are several thing to be done like TWI, USI. As Author states there is lots of testing to be done. Project is open for new ideas and suggestions.

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