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<p class="MsoNormal" align="left">Here you will find some issues about WinAVR toolset and its components and extensions that can help you to start using this amazing tool.</p>

AVR-GCC code compatibility

AVR-GCC compiler is changing during the time. There are so many things changed from recent versions of WinAVR to now. C language itself doesn't change much, but functions that deal with hardware all the time. Earlier even set up interrupt service routines would take some brain, now it is simplified to just one simple function ISR(). All necessary job is handled in macro level.

Another very important issue is operations with I/O bits. Functions with bits have changed since old versions of WinAVR. Compiler just throws errors that functions cannot be found. One solution is to write your own macros to support them or change the code with new syntax. Or use special Patch program which returns old functions to new WinAVR. You can download this patch from myrobot.ru. This patch returns functions that are not supported since WinAVR20050214. This is handy when you are trying to compile older source versions and do not want to change the code and do not want to download older WinAVR tools.

Fast start with AVR-GCC In AVRStudio environment

AVRStudio4 is capable to integrate AVR-GCC compiler by using built in plug-in. AVRstudio is a powerful tool which has assembler compiler- debugger, programmer, etc. Integration of AVR-GCC to it makes this tool much more powerful and more complete playground for developer. Integration of AVR-GCC is done by plug-in automatically. Plugin detects AVR-GCC - you don’t have to care about it. After this wee get FREE convenient user interface, automatic makefile generation, visual debugging with processors register view, and chip flasher.


Setting up working environment is simple. First of all download WinAVR20060421 and install in your PC. Then download AVRStudio latest Version 4.12 and latest service pack Service Pack 3 and install it in your PC.

You are set. Lets create sample project. Open AVR Studio and select menu->Project Wizard->New project.


Installing WINAVR

First of all download WinAVR. You can download newest stabile version. For all recent versions installation is mostly the same. Installing and Configuring WinAVR - Touches on everything, although 2 years out of date.

WINAVR package for Windows OS

WINAVR is windows OS tool set for AVR microcontroller based projects. This package contains an AVR-GCC C/C++ compiler. Official site of WINAVR:  http://winavr.sourceforge.net/index.html . In this site you can download everything needed to start your firrs AVR project. For this article am will using WinAVR20060421 stable distribution as it is tested and working version.


The main tools and utilities in WINAVR are:

Introduction to WinAVR toolset

Probably many developers AVR microcontroller software had a question what compiler to choose for their designs. There are so many choices now in the real world. You can use commercial tool-sets like IAR, CodeVision, ImageCraft. These compilers are shipped with convenient user interfaces, code generators. But...you have to purchase a license to use full their potential. So if you decided to make low budget project, the best choice would be to use open source compiler GCC which has a big potential and it has strong position in society. This is the most successful open source compiler in the world, because it has support in all over the world, it is cheap, it doesn't depend on platform used. For AVR microcontroller platform compiler is called AVR-GCC.
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